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 In this issue: In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

  • Maria Christensen – Beautiful Now-Writing songs for the likes of Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin, Maria Christensen composes ‘Christian music for non-Christians’.Elise Coroneos;
  • Invisible Woman – How to be seen AND heard in today’s crowded and busy world. Mary Simpson
  • Lucy Kiyiapi -‘Mother’ to 150 AIDS orphans in Kenya, Lucy Kiyiapi is taking on the challenge, caring for abandoned children. By Christian Woman Board of Reference member Jeannie Mok
  • Building Better Relationships – Perth based writer Melinda Togninichecks out a great personality test, based on how you respond to paceand priority
  • Delicious recipes from ‘In my kitchen
  • All your favourite columns + LOADS MORE!

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Reputation management is typically defined as the action or actions taken by an individual or an organization with the end goal of influencing and/or controlling how the public sees them. Reputation management involves a process of figuring out and identifying what other people are saying and/or feeling about you or your business. It also involves taking certain steps to make sure that what the majority of people think or believe lines up with your goals for your personal reputation or the reputation of your organization.
Reputation management was originally a public relations term. With the internet constantly advancing, and becoming more and more popular, many people began using different social media sites and applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to monitor their reputation. The advancement of the internet, increased social media usage and companies that specialize in reputation management, have made reputation management mostly about search engine results. 
Reputation management can involve a wide variety of actions, including censoring negative complaints, asking websites to take down inaccurate information, astroturfing review websites, responding to customer complaints, using SEO tactics at GMG SEO and also using online feedback to influence product development.
Online reputation management is often also referred to as ORM.

Youth Insearch Programs

Youth Insearch Programs

If young people are looking for a way to get peer to peer mediation to help them with all of life’s problems, a site like www.youthinsearch.org.au can help. The goal of this site is to help young people discover their worth. It will help them to raise their confidence levels and meet with peers that have overcome problems like they are currently facing. 

By having young people talk about their problems with people that relate to them and understand them, many positive changes can take place. Young people can feel connected to others and suicide and depression statistics will drop. Drug abuse and alcohol addiction can also be lowered. Young people can find better outlets and learn how to cope and resolve many problems with someone that cares about them instead of having to face their problems alone with Youth Insearch. 

Since young people may be drawn to a life of crime or abuse, they need to learn new skills that will help them to have loving families. They can learn how to take control of their lives and help others to do the same. Young people that may have been lost in the cracks of society can turn into leaders and help to inspire and motivate others to live a better life.